Research Scientist

baidu - Sunnyvale, CA

Baidu Research Cognitive Computing Lab (CCL-US) is looking for outstanding research scientists with strong background in statistical machine learning, deep learning, NLP, knowledge, reasoning, and/or computer vision. Our mission is to develop next generation artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for better connecting billions of users to services. As a research scientist at Baidu, you will be uniquely positioned in our team to work on very large scale industry problems and to push forward frontiers of AI technologies. Publications in premier conferences or journals are highly encouraged.


  • PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, EE, Applied Mathematics, or related fields.
  • Excellent publication record in premier AI-related venues including major CS conferences and CS/Stat/EE journals. Examples are KDD, NIPS, WWW, ICML, ACL, SIGMOD, CVPR, JMLR, PAMI, IEEE Info. Theory, or major statistics journals.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Team player with good communication skills.

Locations: Sunnyvale CA or Bellevue, WA. (Positions in China are also available).

Please send your CV to  

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