Senior Combat Designer

Sony PlayStation - Los Angeles, CA

Santa Monica Studio is seeking a Senior Combat Designer!

The Senior Combat Designer will assist, collaborate with and take direction from the Lead Combat Designer and Game Director as needed on any the following: character and boss designs from concept to implementation completion. They will also work with multiple disciplines including Animation, Level Design, Character Art, Vis Dev, Encounters, etc in ensuring that characters are cohesively executed on in game. Senior level applicants are expected to be able to drive features forward by representing them with confidence and knowledge, and keep all feature stakeholders well informed, as well as using their skills and experience to bolster the team as a whole via process improvement, mentorship, and leading by example.

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Creating high level character design intent & combat flow plans
  • Character animation and behavior implementation via state machines, behavior trees, visual effects, sound effects and various other scripting systems.
  • Iteratively work within the set standard for all character asset design, creation and in-game implementation within the production path as it relates to design, art and otherwise.
  • Attend and participate in combat-specific discussions concerning combat design and combat design issues.
  • Attend and participate in production-related discussions concerning relevant feature pipelines and roadmaps.
  • Represent complex design and character features to multiple departments as “the point person”
  • Must understand the relationship between gameplay elements within the level and the overall game and all of the ways the player can respond to each gameplay element.
  • Respond and act on playtest and lead feedback with the aim of creating the best experience for all player skill levels.
  • Drive and create opportunities for value addition within the team and studio.

Required Knowledge/Skills:

  • Significant experience using a text-based scripting language to set-up character logic, debug complex problems, and test work thoroughly.
  • Self-sufficient in getting to the root of a problem or issue, and taking the necessary steps to find solutions.
  • Basic knowledge of scripting languages and code (e.g., XML, C++, Lua) is required.
  • Must be able to grasp and work with code-based proprietary tools to implement and troubleshoot assigned characters.
  • Must have knowledge of competitive products and various gameplay genres, as well as a personal understanding of video game fun with regards to combat and enemy design.
  • Ability to think logically with a strong level of attention to detail. Should be able to break down design concepts and analyze them with regards to purpose and intent.
  • Must possess quality written communication skills and the ability to convey abstract concepts.
  • Must be able to professionally communicate and work with other members of the game production team
  • Must have knowledge of God of War (2018) and be able to speak in depth about the combat systems, mechanics and enemies.

Required Experience:

  • 4 plus years in game development, with at least two in a Character design capacity (creative and technical).


Sony is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All persons will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, legally protected physical or mental disability, covered veteran status, status in the U.S. uniformed services, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information or membership in any other legally protected category. 

We strive to create an inclusive environment, empower employees and embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to respond. 

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you spent in contacting us and we thank you for your interest in PlayStation.


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