Machine Operator

QPS Employment - Marshfield, WI

Position Title: Machine Operator

Wage: $20/hour

Shift: 2nd

Hours: Varies

Looking to get your foot in the door of a premier Marshfield, WI company? Then apply today for this temp to hire, entry level Machine Operator position. This company offers a great starting wage and the opportunity to advance within the company. Get started on your future! Paid weekly.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Read, understand, and follow production schedules
- Process transactions
- Set up and adjust equipment
- Gather materials as needed
- Perform quality checks
- Operate motorized equipment (i.e. forklift, KVAL lifts, etc.) as needed
- Perform minor preventative maintenance and operator care as required
- Assist management, maintenance and quality personnel when troubleshooting equipment, process or material issues
- Communicate effectively for flow of product through the mill
- Maintain downtime records and production information as appropriate
- Perform housekeeping duties
- Perform miscellaneous duties as assigned
- Wear appropriate personal protective equipment
- Work safely and follow safety rules and procedures

- Ability to work on a computer
- Basic reading and writing skills
- Ability to add and subtract fractions and whole numbers, convert fractions to decimals - Ability to use a tape measure, and caliper
- Use hand and power tools, table saw, and grinders
- Ability to drive fork truck, use push carts
- Lift 1-30# frequently (up to 50% in an 8 hour day)
- Lift 30-60# regularly (up to 30% in an 8 hour day)
- Lift 60+# occasionally (up to 25% in an 8 hour day)
- Push/pull 100# with assistance seldom (up to 13% in an 8 hour day)
- Kneel occasionally (up to 25% in an 8 hour day)
- Squat occasionally (up to 25% in an 8 hour day)
- Stoop frequently (up to 25% in an 8 hour day)
- Work with extended arms seldom (up to 13% in an 8 hour day)
- Stand in one spot for long periods

Full benefits package upon being hired


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