Seton Teaching Fellow

Seton Education Partners - New York, NY

Seton Teaching Fellow

About the Program: Seton Teaching Fellows (STF) is an initiative of Seton Education Partners, participating in its mission to serve underprivileged children and give them the opportunity to develop the knowledge, character, and faith necessary to earn a college degree, pursue lives of value and integrity, and become saints. 

About Seton: Co-founded in 2009 by KIPP Foundation pioneer Scott W. Hamilton and Teach for America alumna Stephanie Saroki de García, Seton expands opportunities for parents in underserved communities to choose an academically excellent, character rich—and for those who seek it— vibrantly Catholic education for their children. As a national non-profit, Seton partners with (arch)dioceses and others across the country to implement innovative and sustainable new schooling models that bridge the best of Catholic education’s rich tradition with new possibilities. With an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, much can and should be done, not only to preserve this national treasure but also to build on its foundation for the benefit of thousands of children in America’s most underserved neighborhoods. Seton currently serves nearly 5,000 educationally disadvantaged students across 16 schools and 10 cities nationwide. Across our schools, students are achieving academic growth results in mathematics and reading that match or beat the nation’s most acclaimed urban charter schools. For more information on Seton Education Partners, visit

About the position: We’re looking for dynamic, faith-filled leaders who love working with kids, are passionate about serving the poor, and want to help underserved children make it to college and heaven. We’re looking for committed Christians who want to grow spiritually by living in an intentional faith community. We’re looking for tenacious servants who believe every child can learn and grow in virtue, and are ready to develop into great leaders. We’re looking for people who welcome challenges and are eager to lend their talents to making a dramatic difference in the lives of hundreds of children.

The key responsibilities include: 

Working at a Great School:

  • Provide classroom support, teach, or work in operations at one of our Seton network schools: either in New York or Ohio.

Witnessing the Faith:

  • Live in an intentional Catholic faith community that focuses on growing spiritually and living simply.
  • Teach faith and character to children in a uniquely vibrant Catholic program: both geographical placements will give Fellows the opportunity to participate in the mission of the New Evangelization.

Qualifications and Desired Characteristics:

  • Faith-filled Catholic who seeks God in all things and is called to serve others.
  • Core belief that all children can achieve both moral and academic excellence.
  • Relentless, results-oriented achiever who is always looking for a better way to improve outcomes for their students.
  • Sense of humor.
  • Bachelor’s degree.

Salary & Benefits:

Fellows receive housing rent-free and a modest living stipend. 

Diversity & Inclusivity:
We are building an organization in which talented individuals from all walks of life and past work experiences can join our team and make significant contributions. We are particularly committed to attracting and developing individuals who share the life experiences or backgrounds of the students we serve.

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