General Sales Manager

Brookfield Residential - Colorado, CO

Position Summary


Assist the Vice President of Sales in all sales related objectives and tasks. Tailor a sales program through recruiting, educating, motivating and monitoring. Possess a keen understanding of fundamental marketing and applying it consistently for an effective sales program. Effectively facilitate staffing, training, and coaching activities with Sales Team Members, in coordination with the Vice President of Sales, for active communities and to plan accordingly for future neighborhoods (1+ years out). Focus on annual strategic and operational objectives to meet community sales goals and closing objectives for current year and back-log. Make sure we sell as many, if not, more homes than that of the business plan to increase sales volume and achieve profitability.

 Understand and manage all budgets that are sales related. Collaborate with internal departments (marketing, construction, design, development, and purchasing) and external partners (preferred lending and escrow partner) regarding policies, practices and procedures to increase operational efficiencies. Liaison between construction and design to resolve homebuyer issues, as needed. Meet with the Vice President of Sales on a weekly basis to review goals for each community, provide updates on a continual basis of any changes, potential issues, and outstanding concerns. Effectively manage all aspects of the sales team and sales offices, keeping the focus on company goals. Maintain a clear understanding of all relevant market places.


Areas of Responsibility


Orientation of New Sales Representatives:

  • Maintain an established education program that helps Sales Managers and Sales Representatives define their role to the expectations of both the Sales Director and Brookfield Residential.
  • Teach our method of selling homes and how to care for our customers.

Sales Team - Continuing Education:

  • Inspect what you expect. Assessing what we have educated Sales Managers and Sales Representatives to do and how well they are doing it through onsite observation, role-playing, and mystery shopping.
  • Provide an environment for success that allows the salesperson to motivate themselves through empowerment.
  • Weekly visits to the sales office to maintain a close relationship with the sales team and to encourage feedback to achieve maximum performance. Spend time on the selling floor working, one-on-one with customers and potential buyers to better understand current market conditions and to lead by example.

Performance Development:

  • Oversee performance management process for a large team (20+ team members) of experienced professionals and managers.
  • Meet with Sales Managers and Sales Representatives to develop and establish performance and career development objectives for performance evaluations.
  • Check-in and monitor status of the goals per outline established with each sales representative, in preparation for the mid-year and annual evaluations.

Sales Meetings, Escrow Meetings:

  • Attend and/or conduct sales meetings involving Sales Team and Escrow Status update meetings.
  • Problem solve complex escrow and closing issues between all parties – I.e. customers and homeowners, sales teams, escrow or lending related, etc.
  • Assist Escrow Manager with escrow tracking and sales reports to review actual backlog (sales/closings) against business plan objectives.
  • Making sure all homes close escrow when completed by construction.

Customer Experience:

  • Resolve customer concerns by coordinating with multiple departments for desired output (construction, design, development, etc).

BRE Compliance:

  • Monitor compliance with BRE rules and regulations for the community, sales releases, and licensees.
  • Assist in ensuring compliance with all point-of-sale disclosures, legal documentation, and contractual paperwork.
  • Review and monitor contracts from sales teams to assure accuracy and compliance with BRE guidelines and regulations. 

Market Research & Strategy:

  • Monitor market trends and competition to maintain a complete understanding of all the markets we are currently building in and markets that we are/or should be considering. Complete market surveys, as received.
  • Participate in market research - resale market, new home competition, and historical data. Update quarterly, or as needed, to maintain current data to support base pricing, premiums, and product recommendations.
  • Assemble and submit pricing recommendations to Vice President of Sales to ensure pricing strategy supports business plan goals and long-term market share.
  • Manage incentive costs per neighborhood to preserve margins. Make recommendations as needed to adjust marketing or sales strategy to meeting changing market and/or competitive conditions.

Focus on Annual Tactical and Operational Plans:

  • Active Communities - Focus on the performance, health, and operations of the communities that are actively selling (sales/closings for the year, plus back-log)
  • Future Communities (1 year or more). Also significant focus on future neighborhoods. Design review, staffing, training, collaborating with designers to select designer finishes for unsold homes in each market, work closely with the development team to anticipate disclosures and other documents that will be needed, understand competition and lots, etc. 

Company Representation:

  • Represent Brookfield Residential at trade association meetings to promote company’s brand/product.
  • Attend special events, sales rallies, conferences, field trips, etc.

Departmental Coordination:

  • Assist with balancing the size of and timing of phase releases based on current market absorption rates. Maintain close contact with the Development Director to maximize profits and meet Business plan goals.
  • Identifying current plan, elevation and lot fit studies to ensure good balance and higher salability of each phase.
  • Conduct an in-depth, onsite appraisal of each home site released for sale to determine and establish retail pricing (to include views, lot size, location, privacy, etc.).
  • Ensure that Sales Teams are coordinating consistently with other departments and team members to promote timely closings and to protect the customer experience.
  • Coordinate, as needed, with other department associates regarding the escrow process, construction (schedules and homebuyer issues as needed), purchasing (current and future neighborhoods), model maintenance, and/or design (direction on selections for new neighborhoods).
  • Collaborate with the Design Studio on policies, practices, and procedures for the hand-off from Sales to Design. Monitor progress and review processes.
  • Work with marketing and IT on the development, design, and deployment of CRM and other software that will benefit the sales team and improve the buyer’s experience.
  • Coordinate with construction weekly to ensure that adjustments to sales releases/ cut off dates/ construction starts are in alignment.

Preferred Lender & Escrow Company:

  • Maintain expectations for the preferred lenders and escrow companies to continue to support Brookfield Residential and to provide our customers with the level of professionalism they deserve.
  • Conduct process review meetings to establish best practices and monitor progress.

Marketing Support:

  • Assist with input regarding advertising, promotional needs, and floor plan review. Coordinate with Marketing for ad creation or approval for promotional events or holidays.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and IT on design of CRM and integration of software to improve process and customer experience.
  • Maintain priority list of prospective customers prior to sales representative coming on board.
  • Coordinate with marketing to schedule homebuyer/homeowner events. Homebuyer Information nights, Meet and Greet, etc.
  • Slower sales pace at a specific neighborhood – understand market drivers to coordinate with marketing on a promo campaign. Can involve e-blasts, MLS adjustments/additions, broker presentation, event sponsorship, etc.

Staffing & Recruitment:

  • Interview prospective agents and share the exciting opportunity to work for Brookfield Residential.
  • Prepare staffing plan for current and future neighborhood assignments (1+ years out).

Future Neighborhoods:

  • Focus on future neighborhoods (1+ years out) regarding design review, marketing, staffing, etc.
  • Work closely with development team to anticipate disclosures and other documents that may be needed.
  • Understand competition, lot nuances, etc. for future sites of new communities





Career Package

We are proud to offer our employees what they value most:

• Competitive compensation
• Excellent extended health benefits
• 401k matching
• Generous tuition assistance program
• Leadership development and mentorship programs
• Charitable donation matching
• A culture based on our values of Passion, Integrity and Community



  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • 10 years’ experience in sales environment, with emphasis on residential sales, sales management and/or real estate related industries
  • Must have a valid Bureau of Real Estate Sales License, Broker’s License a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to deal effectively with confrontational situations and maintain objectivity with team members, public relations, and homeowners
  • Must be able to multi-task while meeting various deadlines
  • Advanced computer applications, specifically Microsoft Word and Excel

The Company

Brookfield Residential is a leading North American land developer and homebuilder with one goal in mind - to create the best places to call home. From the development of award winning master-planned communities, to the design and construction of premier homes and commercial properties, we are committed to cultivating exceptional life experience for our customers and for our employees.

Building great communities and homes takes vision and dedication, but most importantly, it takes a strong team. Having been in business for more than 60 years, we know it is our people who make Brookfield Residential what it is today. We were humbled to be named by Aon as one of the Best Employers in Canada and U.S. in 2017.


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