QPS Employment - Kansas City, MO

Position Title: Packaging

Wage: $12.50/hour

Shift: 2nd

Hours: 4:45pm-1:15am

If you like to work for a company that promotes growth and treats their employees right, this is the place for you. As long as you don't mind working in the cold (38/40oF) then the rest will be a piece of cake! Don’t miss this temp to hire Packaging opportunity in Tiffany Springs, MO.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Inspect and grade trays of products to make sure they meet the quality specifications
- Inspect product packaging for legible code dates, straight labels and loose product
- Communicate effectively with machine operators to reduce the amount of preventable rejected product
- Place specified amount of product neatly in box
- Feed boxes into automated tape machine
- Stack boxes in a neat and organized manner on pallets
- Other typical packaging duties
- Maintain a clean and productive work environment
- Follow company color code system in regard to food safety
- Other duties as directed by a Supervisor

- Ability to stand, walk, bend, twist, grip, reach, push, and pull with both hands
- Product weight of up to 35 pounds 8-12 times an hour
- Frequently handle/move of material from shoulder to overhead
- Frequently handle/move material from waist to shoulder


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