Talbots - Lakeville, MA

Basic Purpose:

Responsible for providing general cleaning for the assigned facility.

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Provide general cleaning services such as; dusting, replenishing rest room supplies, sweeping, trash removal, vacuuming as assigned in cafeteria, all common areas, coat rooms, conference rooms, kitchen lobbies, mezzanines, offices, receiving/distribution areas, rest rooms, shops, stairwells, storerooms, warehouse and other miscellaneous areas.
  • Cleans rest rooms including; stainless steel cabinets, walls, doors, frames, soap dispensers, glass, seats, and partitions are kept free from all fingerprints. Vents, bowls, urinals, sinks, faucets, under the sinks and faucets, lights, rest room floors and baseboards are kept completely free of foreign matter. Tops of partitions, cabinets, glass, etc., are kept entirely clean from dust.
  • Provide exterior services such as trash pickup and removal and other groundskeeping tasks as assigned.
  • Completes and/or assists others in the completion of additional work that develops from time to time.
  • Comply with all company safety rules and regulations. Bring unsafe conditions to the attention of supervisor.


  • Knowledge and experience with custodial maintenance at a level normally acquired through the completion of a High School diploma and a related vocational course 
  • 2 weeks – 1 month of related experience

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