Senior Manager 1, Field Marketing

Sodexo Feed - Malvern, PA

Sodexo Corporate Services is in search for a Senior Manager 1, Field Marketing to join our team! We are looking for candidates to reside in NJ or PA for this position. We are looking for candidates to help drive profitability, implement our services to our clients and all-around profitable growth around food quality and retail sales. This position will directly report into a Vice President of Operations and support two District Managers and support business development. Travel does fluctuate for this role but will primarily be between two districts in Southeastern PA and NJ and 10% outside of these states. We are looking for candidates with strong presentation skills, someone who can drive sales and retention, and head up projects.


This position will lead delivery and support of retail activities in operations for Corporate Services clients and consumers. This individual will develop promotion and retail strategies to drive growth & profitability, improve sales, consumer & client satisfaction, and analyze data on the company's existing potential growth opportunities. In addition, will plan, coordinate, directs roll-out, and training of segment services and marketing initiatives, strategic marketing plan for territory as well as template for individual units to support the Segment's Marketing Strategic plan. Resource to existing and new accounts retail initiatives such as surveys, merchandising, segment services and offers, pricing and rebids/retention.


Responsibilities include: 

  • Assists with planning, coordinating roll-out of marketing programs
  • Supports Business Development; Supports units and new accounts with marketing initiatives including surveys, pricing and national programs
  • Project Planning
  • Supports roll out of new program with regional support; Supports Vice President of Operations and District Managers in NJ / Eastern PA market; Occasional support for NE Market
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Market awareness; Marketing Innovation
  • Retail Operations
  • Marketing Operating Strategies; Evaluate and execution of trend analysis
  • Achieving market growth / ROI

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