Customer Intelligence Specialist (Part-Time)

Qualtrics - Provo, UT

Customer Intelligence Specialist

The Challenge

The Qualtrics Customer Intelligence Team (CIT) plays a vital role within both our Marketing & Sales organizations. If you are detail oriented, scrappy, inquisitive, and have a knack for finding simpler ways to accomplish complex tasks then let’s talk. The purpose of the Customer Intelligence Team is to:

  • Generate new contacts by strategically identifying individuals within targeted organizations and adding their information into our CRM.
  • Enable our Sales Development team to maintain a healthy prospecting cadence by serving up high quality contacts as well as helping maintain accurate contact information.
  • Establish and continually improve workflows that will increase the efficiency of our Marketing & Sales organizations.  

The Expectation for Success:

A well-oiled CIT team is vital to the overall success and efficiency of our company’s revenue driving efforts. A dedicated and productive member of this team improves our ability and the speed in which Qualtrics is able bring our world-class software solutions to our customers.

  • You identify key decision makers and/or key influencers within an organization
  • Leveraging technology, creativity and an attention to detail you collect information (emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, etc.) that helps improve our ability to interact with potential customers
  • You are tech savvy and are comfortable learning new tools and systems. You have an analytical mind and enjoy the thrill of the chase until you get all of the information you need
  • Experience using tools like Salesforce, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and Outreach are preferred however not required. SQL experience is also a plus
  • You work well with others, like to strategize, and plan out creative methods to improve the efficiency and speed of contact acquisition initiatives
  • You are a "self-starter” who will identify problems and initiate corrective actions without specific direction
  • You are able to stay focused for extended periods of time while compiling, analyzing, and comparing large amounts of data
  • You have an outstanding ability to adhere to deadlines. Must be well focused on the issue of time consciousness
  • You can excel in both school and work while working 25-30 hours/week.
  • You thrive in positions where your hard work is both recognized and rewarded.
  • You view this opportunity as a career move, not just as a part-time job.  

A Day in the Life:

  • You are tasked with the responsibility to ensure the integrity of the data housed within the Qualtrics CRM as well as other Business Operating Systems.
  • You will become best friends with tools like LinkedIn, ZoomInfo and Salesforce.
  • You attend 1:1’s, team meetings and trainings to develop your skills.
  • You are a team player and collaborate with your peers, sharing best practices to make sure you’re focused on continuous improvement.
  • You compete with yourself, your co-workers, and other teams.
  • You act in a way that is professional, self-disciplined, accountable, and reliable.

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