Senior Solutions Strategy, Customer Experience

Qualtrics - Tulsa, OK

Mission of the team:

Our mission is to drive the CX business forward. As stewards of the CX business, we are focused on driving CX revenue, winning (especially within key accounts), and supporting strategic initiatives that will increase CX sales.

Job Description:

Hyper-focused on CX revenue generation. To do so, this role will take a highly proactive approach to key account deal reviews, strategy and sales campaign execution. In other words, this role will be the ‘tip of the spear’. We will go deep on strategic accounts
where there are domino effects, be proactive in creating opportunities, know everything about our competitors, and support high value cross functional initiatives.

Key characteristics of this role include:

- Accountable to CX ‘new bookings’ revenue goals
- Represents Sales’ best interest via ‘dotted line’ into CX business unit
- Develops center of excellence around competitive intelligence
- Breakdown obstacles and challenges in the way of winning in region
- Support for strategic initiatives such as Product, Content Generation, CX POV,
Analyst Reports (e.g., Forrester Wave), Events and Account Based Marketing

In sum, this role is hyper-focused on supporting and winning key accounts, deals and initiatives that will move the CX business forward in a meaningfully way.

Job Responsibilities:

- Drives new revenue from key strategic accounts
- Proactively engages the sales organization to penetrate key strategic accounts
- Works closely with sales leadership to forecast and direct internal resources to key
- Conducts deal reviews with the Enterprise sales team and ensures accurate
- Conducts 1on1 account planning and strategy sessions with the Enterprise sales team
- Creates and leads training for the sales organization
- Contributes to product and business development activities
- Support marketing and brand activities to grow mindshare in region


Successful candidates will possess most of the following qualifications: 

- Extensive CX experience and knowledge (preferably in employee engagement and employee measurement)

- Extensive experience interacting with clients in both pre- and post-sales capacities

- Experience as an external consultant (preferably has experience as both an internal and external consultant)

- Exceptional presentation skills

- Willingness and ability to work in a quota-carrying sales environment

- Willingness and ability to build expertise in Qualtrics' products and solutions

- Willingness and ability to travel between 25-40%

 Qualtrics is an equal opportunity employer

Qualtrics provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, genetic information, marital status or veteran status.

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