Fullstack Engineer, Data Platform & Tools

Jet - San Bruno, CA

Walmart Media Group’s Operations team is hiring an Internal UI Engineer, Data Platform & Tools to help us better understand, communicate, and to discover ways we can scale or improve operational efficiency.  He or she will need to be able to understand how all the Walmart and partner systems interact through the life of the media campaign and reporting deliverables. 

This position will play a key role in Walmart Media Group’s success, supporting Operations, Sales teams, advertisers, and products that enhance business growth potential, while driving the strategy and technology behind the online advertising and platform products we offer, focusing on providing scalable product solutions and reliable information, based on consultative analysis and timely communications.

Position: UI Engineer, Data Platform & Tools


  • A. or B.S. degree in Computer Science or other technical field, or equivalent experience.
  • 2-3 years of previous software development experience.
  • Strong familiarity with cloud environments and cloud design patterns.
  • Proficiency working with different databases and data-stores.
  • Experience building reactive web and mobile native applications around data collection and visualization.
  • Experience with React / Electrode preferred.


  • Own Front-end environments & tooling – set standards for best practices in Electrode.
  • Work with Infra & Data teams to provide the best visualizations to display data.
  • Work with Infra on API design, ensuring that we’re supporting both BE and FE needs when building the platforms.
  • Build a front-end environment that is both predictable and intuitive.


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