Education Engineer, Mobile/Web & Drivers

Mongodb - New York, NY

MongoDB's ecosystem of products continues to grow, adding features that allow developers to focus on what matters to them most - their applications. MongoDB is looking to add an Education Engineer to our Developer Education team, someone who can communicate complex information without relying on jargon and never leaves concepts as an "exercise for the reader.”

About You

Our team enjoys working with someone who is:

  • Empathetic towards the goals and frustrations of our users during their learning journey.
  • Passionate about developing software and teaching software developers.
  • Motivated to learn new concepts and teach them to others through documentation, examples, and tutorials.
  • Experienced contributing to server-side software products used by end-users.
  • Interested in using and/or learning to use multiple programming languages regularly.

About the Job

As an Education Engineer you will:

  • Write clear tutorials, examples, and documentation.
  • Produce written and video content for our MongoDB University platform.
  • Deliver developer focused talks and workshops at MongoDB conferences.
  • Use a subset of the following languages on a regular basis in support of various projects: 
    • Go, Python, Swift, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, C#, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP

Success Measures

In 3 months:

  • You can create or update documentation, tutorials, and applications for components of new or existing features with assistance from your teammates
  • You are getting to know our Driver and SDK engineers and are comfortable with participating in intra- and inter-team discussions
  • You and your manager have planned your career trajectory and growth opportunities

In 6 months

  • You possess a working knowledge of the products and know who to follow up with when you need to learn more
  • You are familiar with and have adopted our writing style guide and your work has minimal grammar, syntax, or spelling errors
  • You have the confidence to review the work of your peers and are incorporating peer feedback and prior work into your own
  • You and your manager have discussed your progress in your growth plan

In 12 months

  • You take on documenting entire feature sets, complex tutorials, and high level concepts
  • You can accurately estimate tasks and your personal capacity for a healthy workload and deliver in a timely manner
  • You provide thorough and thoughtful copy and technical reviews for your team members’ work
  • You and your manager are implementing new growth steps inline with your personal development goals
  • You can mentor new team members and help them get up and running

About us

We're the Developer Education team, a subteam within the MongoDB Engineering Education organization. Education Engineers on our team focus on getting developers up-and-running quickly by developing tools, creating code samples, writing documentation and tutorials, and recording videos.

We know our team is succeeding when developers tell us that MongoDB is easy to learn and use.

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