Python Software Engineer

Chewy - Boston, MA

Our Opportunity:

Chewy is looking for a Python Software Engineer to join our Pharmacy team in Boston, MA. This person will be responsible for driving the software development and engineering efforts that power software solutions for Chewy’s millions of customers. Strong core Python experience is a must, but we value broad-based technical skills in cloud-based services, databases, security, serverless technologies, and more.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop full stack web applications using Python 3/Django/Postgres on AWS (Database, backend services, and Web UI)
  • Integrate external systems using REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Create unit and integrations tests, and perform code reviews within a team programming environment
  • Deploy and maintain applications in AWS cloud using CI/CD tools
  • Position may require travel

What you’ll need:

  • 3+ years experience with Python 3
  • Web applications development experience in frameworks like Django, Flask, Zappa or Serverless
  • Some experience with javascript and CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Materialize
  • Familiarity with cloud & orchestration technologies (AWS Services, Terraform, Ansible, etc)

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