Machine Operator

QPS Employment - Fairfield, IA

Position Title: Machine Operator

Wage: $13.50 per hour

Shift: 2nd, 3rd

Hours: 8 hour shifts

Before you continue reading please make sure you are sitting down. We are about to tell you about a company that is going to blow your mind. This company goes above and beyond to take care of their employees starting with the amazing benefits for you and your family. Promoting from within is just one way this company looks after their employees. With their quarterly and yearly bonuses, they really look to give the company success back to the hard working employees, as well as their families.

Do you have a great work ethic, determination, and a positive attitude to get any job done? Starting as a Machine Operator on 2nd or 3rd shift, opens up the possibility for you to move up and build your future. Maybe Engineering and Design? Sales? Clerical? This company is an injection blow molding company that is continuing to expand. Starting with fuel tanks, slides, and parts for UTV and Ag industry are just a few examples of what this employer is working hard to supply the world with. Apply today so you can start your future career! You do not want to miss out!

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Cutting, trimming, and welding parts with equipment including saws, robots, pneumatic tools and dedicated fixtures.
- Trim excess material off of parts using knife and removing part from work station with push stick when operating BC Bandsaw.
- Installing components as stated in the work instructions using various equipment.
- Verify that all required components are installed on part before packaging.
- Inspect the parts for quality and reject all non-conforming parts and place them in designated area.
- Minor adjustments on Blow Molding Equipment.
- Maintain a clean and safe work environment.

- Must be able to lift up to 50lbs non repetitively.
- Must be able to lift 10-20lbs repetitively.
- Must be able to stand for an extended period of time.
- Must be able to perform basic mathematics.
- Must be able to read and follow work instructions and directions.

- Available upon hire.


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