Sales Support: Lead Generation & Outreach - Work from Home

Green Pearl Conferences - Dallas, TX

We are looking to add a support team member to assist the Event Sponsorship Sales team with lead generation and marketing outreach.  Note this is a Telecommute / Work from Home position.  The role requires 40 hours a week.

The overall goal is to provide the sponsorship sales team with a healthy number of quality leads.  You would need to understand who is our target audience and use that knowledge to search for new leads in markets around the country.  

Some of the day to day tasks include:

  • Research and create lists of potential leads for each event
  • Run reports from Salesforce to identify, verify and qualify leads within the company database
  • Supplement existing accounts with new contacts, remove defunct contacts, update titles, emails etc
  • Research new accounts to add to the system using industry news, competitive events and Google
  • Send emails about the events to these lists via mass email
  • Answer any initial questions from interested parties and set up calls with them and the team members
  • Manage the distribution of incoming leads to team members in a round robin fashion


​A great candidate for this role will have previous experience with or be able to quickly learn:

  • Salesforce
  • Yesware
  • Google Sheets and Docs
  • Excel
  • Online Research
  • LinkedIn

Some other qualities that we look for:

  • Exceptional writing skills
  • Professional phone matter
  • Attention to detail
  • Self motivation

This is a work from home position so you need to have your own working computer, appropriate work space and solid internet and phone connection. Success at this role can lead to a leadership position, sales team position or position in other departments.

Our story:

GreenPearl organizes a portfolio of high-end conferences across the U.S. from Seattle to Los Angeles, from Boston to Miami that convene leaders in their field. While primarily focused on real estate events, GreenPearl is branching out into finance, e-commerce, and other sectors.

At GreenPearl, you will enjoy a team environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. We are continuously trying new things with our events and are open to experimenting with new formats, topics, technology and more.

Headquartered in New York City, we have team members located all over the United States. As we hold conferences across the country, we bring the team together in New York and elsewhere to maintain the in-person connections.

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