Blow Mold

QPS Employment - Fairfield, IA

Position Title: Blow Mold

Wage: $13.00 per hour

Shift: 2nd, 3rd 

Hours: 8 hours

Do you enjoy working at a fast pace environment that makes your work day go by fast? Do you prefer summer type weather? Have you wanted to find a job you can save lives while still having holidays off to be with your family? This company looking for candidates for their 2nd and 3rd shift. You would be making safety devices that are used every day all across the world. In the blow mold department they are making anything from different types of traffic cones, barrels, panels, and multipole other safety items. Apply today to find out more information.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
- Pull plastic product from machines.
- Visually inspect product for defects and tear off excess flash if applicable by using safety knife.
- Stack finished product on top of each other for packaging.
- Observe machine for jamming parts.
- Verify products with correct job order.
- Separates scrap materials from trash and puts them in proper bin.
- Maintain cleanliness around work station.
- Must be able to stand 8 hours.
- Must be able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 25lbs.
- Injection blow molding experience preferred.
- Must have a great hand/eye coordination.
- Must be able to pass QPS pre-employment screening.

- Available upon hire.


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